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We provide research and advice on world economy, geopolitics and investment strategy.

Our research is based on an analytic methodology reflecting a high degree of integration of the global economy and financial markets. Country-specific examinations are always conducted in a broader context of world economy.

Analytic techniques used are varied and multi-disciplinary. Formal modeling and quantitative estimations complement judgmental assessments based on the best and the most recent information available.

The product line consists of reports, personal consultations and a 24/7 hotline with an average response time of four hours.

The company was founded by Dr. Michael Ivanovitch in July 1987 as an independent entity dedicated to research on world economy, geopolitics and investment strategy. Prior to that, Dr. Ivanovitch served as a senior economist at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, and as an international economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He also taught at the Columbia Graduate School of Business, The American University in Paris, INSEAD and HEC (the two top-rated business schools in Europe). Dr. Ivanovitch holds a Ph.D. (economics), M.Phil. and M.B.A. from Columbia, and he also has a European law degree.

340 West 57 Street, New York, NY 10019, USA
 Phone: 212 333 2525

Ms. Joyce Shannon in New York at 212 333 2525 and

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