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Dr Ivanovitch
Dr. Michael Ivanovitch is an independent analyst focusing on world economy, geopolitics and investment strategy. He served as a senior economist at the OECD in Paris, international economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and taught economics at Columbia Business School. 
Daily updates on world economy
Rising U.S. inflation is a threat to economic growth
China's economy driven by stimulus and strong exports
The euro area survives on easy money and not much else
U.S. bond markets still don’t believe bad inflation numbers

Recent Essays

Washington Is Asked to Hold the European Union Together

June 6, 2021...... One of Germany’s influential (conservative, and government-friendly) daily newspapers ran a headline last Tuesday that the French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to play the “EU’s first violin.” That says volumes about the French-German reconciliation, and the myth of the two-countries’ engine of the “European project,” a sort of mission impossible to transform […]

Biden Should Take Some of the Blame for His China Scare

May 30, 2021.... President Joe Biden has been America’s distinguished public servant since January 1973. At the age of 30, he was one of the youngest senators in U.S. history. During 36 years, he held key posts in the U.S. Senate, including the chairmanship of the Foreign Relations Committee. Biden resigned from the Senate in […]

The U.S. Should Use Trade to Reset Its China Policy

May 22, 2021.... Recent American attempts to establish more productive U.S.-China relations hit a new impasse because Washington insisted on discussing Beijing’s well-known – and repeated ad nauseam -- red lines without bringing any new ideas that would be of interest to China. That’s what the world witnessed during a blistering on-camera confrontation during the […]

A European Watershed Event: French Elections in May 2022

May 12, 2021.... France has done it before. In May 2005, 55% of the French cast their ballots against the proposed EU Constitution on a voter turnout of 69%. But that was underestimating the EU elites. Four years later, they found a “workaround” (a fudge) in a Lisbon Treaty, to resuscitate the key provisions of […]

Trying to Contain and Isolate China Is a Mug’s Game

May 7, 2021.... A quarter of last year’s China GDP growth of 2.3% is estimated to have come from the rest of a deeply depressed world economy. This year, nearly 2% of China’s economic growth of about 8% is expected to originate in its net exports. The U.S. will remain the largest single contributor to […]

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