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Fed will weaken its support to U.S. bond prices

U.S. and EU trade disputes with China will intensify

Easy credit conditions underpinning Europe's economy

Iran's sanctions a serious test for trans-Atlantic relations

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Australia needs lower interest
    rates to support growth
China's growth increasingly led
    by domestic demand
India's growth held back by
    supply bottlenecks
Indonesia: tighter money to control
    inflation and stabilize rupiah
South Korea should get more growth
    from domestic demand

Argentina's high inflation is a threat to
    sustainable growth
Brazil's economy is mired in a
    protracted recession
Chile's monetary policy is too loose
Mexico's inflation and budget deficit
    leave no room for policy easing
Venezuela's very high inflation will
    lead to deep recession

Rising costs of consumer credit and
    mortgage finance will damp the
    expected U.S. fiscal stimulus
The euro area's slow but steady
    economic recovery
China's economic growth increasingly
    led by domestic demand
Japan's monetary policy needs help
    from structural reforms
Germany's trade surpluses are a serious
    problem for euro area stability
East Asia's infrastructure investments
    setting stage for faster growth
Gold price driven by loose money
    and geopolitical instabilities
ECB will maintain its easy credit stance
    for the foreseeable future
America's rising unit labor costs will
    clip profit growth
Brazil's economy facing policy
    constraints for recession exit


The U.S. economy will grow faster as a
    result of stronger bank lending
Japan's monetary policy hitting
    structural obstacles to growth
Germany's growth will benefit from
    the Eurozone recovery
France's economy is mired in a
    continuing stagnation
Italy's economy is bottoming out
Britain's large trade and budget deficits
    are threats to economic stability
Canada's economy will benefit from
    faster growth in the U.S.


Russia's low debt and stimulus
    program will support recovery
Hungary's balanced and rebounding
    economic growth
Netherland's stagnant economy
Poland needs lower interest rates
    to end price deflation
Portugal's recovering economy and
    continuing fiscal consolidation
Spain's is exiting recession, but budget
    deficits are still too large
Sweden has plenty of room to rev up
    its weak economy
Switzerland has strong economic growth
    and stable prices